Corn Production Blamed for Growing 'Dead Zone' in Gulf of Mexico

Since 1993, the size of the dead zone has averaged 16,000 square kilometers, though its size varies every year.

Published: 20-Jul-2007

There is a 6,000 mile area of the Gulf of Mexico, just off the Louisiana shore, where no lifeform can live. This "dead zone" is so polluted; there is not enough air for fish gills to even breathe. And, a group of local activists tell The Louisiana Weekly that the "Dead Zone" is expanding.

The members of Gulf Restoration Network tried to make their case about the dangers just two weeks ago to The Environmental Protection Agency's Dead Zone Task Force at the Embassy Suites Hotel in the Warehouse District.

Matt Rota with the Gulf Restoration Network explained how the reduced oxygen at the ocean floor that is killing marine life.


The great danger of the biofuels craze is that it will divert us from stronger steps to limit dependence on foreign oil: higher fuel taxes to prod Americans to buy more gasoline-efficient vehicles and tougher federal fuel economy standards to force auto companies to produce them, writes Washington Post columnist Robert J. Samuelson.

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