Ceres Power Unveils Wall-mountable Fuel-Cell CHP Unit

CHP Unit uses the same natural gas, water and electricity connections as a boiler, and is thus easy to install.

Published: 20-Jul-2007

Ceres Power, an AIM-quoted fuel cell group, has announced that it has designed and built an integrated, wall-mountable combined heat and power unit (‘the CHP Unit’) which will form part of an up-coming demonstration at the Company’s headquarters. This is said to demonstrate the commercial potential of the product and also represents an important milestone in the Company’s residential CHP programme with British Gas.

The company claims that the compact and wall-mountable design will enable access to residential mass markets in the UK and overseas. The integrated CHP Unit is capable of generating electricity and all of the central heating and hot water requirements of a typical home, avoiding the need for a separate boiler, and so can address new build and replacement markets. The CHP Unit uses the same natural gas, water and electricity connections as a boiler, and is thus easy to install. Key balance of plant components within the CHP programme have been developed in partnership with well-established volume manufacturers from industries including automotive and white goods.

The Company is now focused on value engineering of the CHP Unit and the scale-up of core manufacturing processes to meet expected customer demand. The Company will be inviting analysts to its Crawley headquarters on Tuesday September 11th for a CHP demonstration, management presentation and tour of the facilities. Following this event, the Company will also showcase the CHP hardware at the London Stock Exchange on Friday September 14th.


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Excerpted from Emma Forrest article on Z.Car. Additional photos of the Z.Car design available here


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