Recharging the Tour de France with Electric Bikes

Don't worry folks, it's just a little satire.

Published: 16-Jul-2007

FRANCE-- I love watching the Tour de France every summer, and you know, if I was (a lot) more athletic, I would consider competing in this prestigious cycling event. But who has the time to commit to all that high-endurance training? You have to be in peak condition to even stand a chance at finishing, let alone winning the world's greatest cycling race.

Sure, in recent years the three week long road race has been muddied with doping scandals, cheating, and allegations of collusion, but maybe that's a sign that something in the competition needs to be changed.

Perhaps the Tour de France officials need to re-examine the long-held traditions of their esteemed bicycle race, and learn to adapt to changing attitudes and technologies.



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