Bush Must Wise Up on Global Warming

Jeremy Symons demands that George Bush stop blocking serious action on climate change, action that even utilities and manufacturers support.

Published: 16-Jul-2007

THE Senate has voted to raise America's automobile fuel efficiency standards for the first time in decades, taking a major step toward fighting global warming and making the country less reliant on fossil fuels. The bill, which raises fuel efficiency standards for new autos by 10 miles per gallon over the next 10 years, is designed to save gasoline and slash emissions from tailpipes, the fastest growing source of the pollution that is building up in the atmosphere and causing global warming.

It is a bipartisan legislative accomplishment that many would have thought impossible just a short time ago. In fact, Congress hasn't updated fuel economy standards in 30 years, and auto efficiency today is, on average, no better than it was in the era of the 8-track tape player.

But the political climate has changed in Washington just as surely as the global climate is changing. Two years ago, only 28 senators supported a similar fuel economy package. Now, 65 senators have reached across party lines to send serious fuel economy reform on to the House of Representatives, and hopefully from there to the president's desk.



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