Paris Readies for Free Bike Frenzy

The Velib scheme allows travel card holders to check out free bicycles for 30 minutes in order to encourage their use for short trips instead of automobiles.

Published: 15-Jul-2007

The humble bicycle has been given a boost in Paris with the launch by the city council of Velib, a free bike scheme to encourage people to give up the motor in favour of pedal power.

Cycling in Paris is not a sport for the faint hearted.

The traffic runs as smoothly as a snail in treacle and drivers' tempers are about as sweet as bitter aloes.


Intended for the International Bicycle Design Competition a half dozen shape-shifting bicycle meet the demands of close-in urban commuting. Computer illustration is of Everglide bike.

The plan is to have 1,200 LEVs available for rent at 250 stations in a first phase, and 10 times that many in a second phase. Pictured is Ultra Motors A2B electric bicycle.

At $3,400, the Gucci cycle is one of the eight exclusive accessories designed especially for the forthcoming Beijing Olympics.


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