Building a Better Electric Vehicle Battery

Dan River's company, American Electric Vehicles, Inc. of Colorado, specializes in developing vehicles and systems powered by lithium-ion batteries, which he said produce twice the power and are half the size of traditional acid-lead batteries.

Published: 14-Jul-2007

In an industrial building in Palmer Lake, a small company is making a mighty effort to advance what its founders see as the silver bullet for the automotive industry — pure electric power.

“Every technology has its time — more exotic battery technology will be developed, costs will decrease, and we’ll see the vast proliferation of electric cars,” said Daniel Rivers, president and chief operating officer of American Electric Vehicles Inc.

Formed in 2004 as an electric-vehicle research, development and design firm, the seven-employee company has created electric battery packs, drive trains and off-road vehicles for the Air Force, converted commercial and personal vehicles to electric power, developed mega-battery packs that store electricity and act as a generator, and designed battery packs to make Neighborhood Electric Vehicles go faster.


Tesla Motors, a four-year-old Silicon Valley start-up, has raised $60 million and spent $25 million developing a two- seat Roadster that will sell for between $85,000 and $100,000.

There are so few green 'stars' at the British International Motor Show this year because there doesn't seem to be that much demand for them. Pictured is Axiam microcar similar to electric version debuted in London this week, along with Smart EV.

The plug-in hybrid could provide most all of the benefits of the electric car with few of it disadvantages. Pictured is 1912 Detroit Electric.


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