Iran's Oil Restrictions a Warning for Australia

Dr Bezdek says we are indirectly dependent on Iran's oil because of the way the world oil market operates.

Published: 29-Jun-2007

Iran has the world's second-biggest proven reserves of oil, so its people are now furious that the Government has suddenly brought in petrol rationing.

There have been demonstrations, and at least one petrol station was set on fire.

Iran is limited in refinery capacity, and the decision to ration is seen as the Government's way of trying to cut consumption, ahead of any UN sanctions on the country over its nuclear program.


'AT BREAK OF DAY all dreams, they say, are true.' So wrote the great English poet John Dryden (1631 - 1700) in his work entitled The Spanish Friar. The implication, of course, is that as the day wears on the press of reality prevents some dreams from being fulfilled. This is an article about airplanes, but it also concerns the dreams that animateprogress.


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