Medis Claims Ethanol Micro-Fuel Cell Commercially Viable

Company claims micro-fuel cell can deliver 5,000 mAh on 16 cc of methanol or ethanol.

Published: 29-Dec-2001

NEW YORK, New York -- A fuel cell company will offer a pre-production micro fuel cell product next year that costs US$9 and ethanol fuel cartridges for 20 cents, which can be scaled up to 5 kW.

Medis Technology claims to have made a breakthrough in renewable fuel cell technology, saying its proprietary polymers, catalyst and electrolyte provide "the most advanced direct liquid methanol" (DLM) fuel cell to date. Designed without the standard proton exchange membrane (PEM), Medis' fuel cell does not require a complex external hydrogen source.

The technology is the foundation for two DLM fuel cell products being developed at Medis' subsidiary, More Energy, in Israel.



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