Climate Talks May Be Moot Amid Green Power Advances

Development of "green technologies" helping slow C02 emissions as businesses see green in being "green."

Published: 22-Nov-2000

NEW YORK (Reuters) - Judging from the sound and fury emanating from the global climate talks in the Hague this week, the world's politicians may be living up to their reputation for being ten years behind the times.

While their concerns about global warming are justified, advances by private business in making fuel cells and other green technologies financially viable could make all the political hand-wringing redundant before too long, analysts say.

"If some of the thinking about technological advancements is even approximately correct, its going to absolutely swamp the levels of carbon reductions talked about at the Hague," said Thomas Feiler, director of the environmental think-tank Rocky Mountain Institute (RMI) in Colorado.



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