More Canadians Discover Scooter's Convenience

Scooter sales in Canada have been booming recently, with nearly 10,000 new scooters sold last year, an increase from about 6,500 in 2004.

Published: 05-Jun-2007

Iconic Italian images usually include women dressed in Gucci and heels zooming down cobblestone streets on their stylish scooters.

But that much-romanticized vision is now gaining speed in the Great White North.

Albeit, without the cobblestones. Or the Gucci.


It's not an electric vehicle, but it does get great fuel economy and '200 smiles to the gallon'.

While the average U.S. passenger car chugs gas at a rate of 22.4 miles per gallon, two-wheelers average about 50. So it shouldn't come as too huge a surprise that sales are up for the lightest drinkers: scooters -- by about 17 percent in 2005. Pictured is Vespa GST250.

Scooter uses Direct Methanol Fuel Cell for energy source.


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