Oregon Driver's Manual May Include 'Green' Driving Tips

The tips include: not exceeding the speed limit, not accelerating too rapidly, not idling for more than a minute, using cruise control if you have it and keeping the vehicle well-maintained.

Published: 04-Jun-2007

PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) — The Oregon driver's manual may be going a bit beyond the basics of signaling and parallel parking soon.

The 113-page manual is filled with tips for driving safely and now has tips for going "green." A bill to make fuel-efficient driving techniques part of the Oregon driver's test cleared the Legislature on Friday, and Gov. Ted Kulongoski said through a spokesman that he will sign it into law.

House Bill 2704 adds 11 words to the Oregon driver's license law: "The test may include a question regarding fuel efficient driving techniques."


The award for overall efficiency for any car, petrol or diesel, in the 1000 km Total Economy Run was awarded to a Citroen Picasso, similar to the model in the photo at 4.6 L/100km (50+ mpg).

As high fuel prices turn car buyers away from large family sedans, it's the smaller, cheaper four cylinder vehicles attracting drivers.

The system operates from the Calor Gas, liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) or propane that is already on board for cooking. The system will fit comfortably in an aft locker, normally used for a conventional generator.


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