UK Rally is First Outing for Fuel Cell, Alternative Fuel Vehicles

Event includes road rally from Brighton on the English Channel to London.

Published: 03-Jun-2007

Fuel-cell passenger cars will be driven on British roads for the first time next Tuesday - World Environment Day.

Although three £750,000 Mercedes-Benz Citaro fuel-cell buses have been operated by Transport for London and fuelled by BP since January 2004, this 53-mile run from Brighton to London is the first time that fuel-cell passenger cars will be seen on the Queen's Highway.

Vehicles such General Motors' Hydro Gen 3 (a Zafira with the company's previous-but-one generation cell stack) will take the start at Brighton's Madeira Drive at about 10.30am, along with three examples of BMW's Hydrogen 7, the liquid hydrogen-fuelled 7-series, the all-electric Vetrix scooter, which will be operating near the limit of its 68-mile range, the Intelligent Energy ENV fuel-cell motorcycle, the Peugeot/Ricardo/QinetiQ hybrid diesel research vehicle and numerous hybrids, all-electric and bio-fuel powered cars.


Honda has confirmed it plans a production model of the FCX Concept car unveiled at Tokyo Motor Show in three to four years.

14 hydrogen buses will be in use in Berlin by 2009 as part of HyFleet CUTE project.

TOTAL itself opened a public gas station that incorporated both gasoline and hydrogen in March of this year, which takes the place of the pilot test station that had been operating in Berlin since 2002.


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