Detroit Finds Agreement on the Need to Be Green

Unfortunately, there is an impression among the car-buying public that the Big Three build nothing but gas guzzlers, while Toyota is a division of Greenpeace.

Published: 03-Jun-2007

MACKINAC ISLAND, Mich., May 31 — Labor and management in the auto industry are often at odds, but on Thursday they agreed on something critics have been telling them for years: Detroit must act to reduce its vehicles’ impact on the environment.

Ron Gettelfinger, the president of the United Automobile Workers union, and William Clay Ford Jr., executive chairman of the Ford Motor Company, told Michigan business leaders that cutting emissions and raising fuel economy standards are critical to the future of the industry and that of Michigan.

Both men spoke at an annual policy conference sponsored by the Detroit Chamber of Commerce, held on Mackinac Island, a car-free retreat on the northern tip of Lake Huron.


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