Corbins Hope 'Raven' Single-person Car Will Be Success

The car is powered by a 3-cylinder, 800cc gas engine that produces about 45 to 50 horsepower. And at a lean 1,100 pounds, the Raven is expected to get at least 65 miles per gallon and be able to reach speeds of 90 mph.

Published: 31-May-2007

Hollister - The Sparrow didn't fly, but Mike and Tom Corbin hope the Raven will.

The Raven, a three-wheeled car that can travel from San Francisco to Los Angeles on a single tank of gas, is the Corbins' latest foray into the single-person automobile market. Their first attempt at a single-person electric car, the Sparrow, ended in failure in 2003 when Corbin Motors filed for bankruptcy. The father-and-son duo tested a pre-production prototype of the Raven publicly for the first time Tuesday.

The bright green prototype looks futuristic, but the Corbins are convinced the single-person automobile is a commodity the American public doesn't yet know it wants.



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