Fuel-Efficient Vehicles Ease Pump Pain

Honda and Toyota are already making safe and affordable hybrid gasoline-electric vehicles that are 50-75 percent more fuel efficient than typical new cars in the same classes, one reason Toyota will soon pass GM soon as the world's leading automaker.

Published: 30-May-2007

Forget the biofuels, car pools or windfall profit taxes.

The best way to beat high gasoline prices, trump the oil companies and curb air pollution is with a vehicle that goes farther on a gallon of fuel.

Unfortunately, the U.S. has been stuck on empty when it comes to producing the most efficient cars and trucks in the world.


Citroen Berlingo MPV prototype demonstrates a 30 percent improvement in fuel economy and CO2 emissions compared with an equivalent diesel production car.

The new Estima Hybrid features the THS II, optimized for use on a minivan, though there is still no decision on whether or not it will be available in North America.

A mixed-cycle fuel consumption of nearly 70 mpg (UK) means a gain of some 30 percent compared to the standard HDi model.


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