Firm Delivers Methanol Fuel Cell To US Army

Fuel cell prototype provides fully regulated 15 W / 12 V output.

Published: 18-Dec-2001

COLLEGE STATION, Texas --Dec. 18, 2001-- Lynntech Inc. delivered four prototype, self contained, direct methanol fuel cell (DMFC) power supply systems to the U.S. ARMY Research Laboratory (ARL) in Adelphi, Md., at the completion of a Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Phase II contract. Dr. Deryn Chu of ARL was the technical monitor of this SBIR project. The fuel cell prototypes provide a fully regulated 15 W / 12 V output. The fuel cell prototypes were developed for use as individual soldier power systems.

The power supply contained a fuel cell based on Lynntech's patented Monopolar(TM) proton exchange membrane (PEM) fuel cell technology. The Monopolar(TM) design allows for small fuel cells to be packaged into a very small and lightweight unit, critical for a power supply for the soldiers of the future and for civilian applications such as cell phones and laptop computers. By using methanol, an inexpensive liquid that does not require pressurized storage, as the fuel the unit can be quickly and easily refueled. In contrast, batteries, the current standard power source, require either complete replacement or a lengthy recharge time.

"The Monopolar(TM) fuel cell technology will find many opportunities as a power source for small electronic devices such as cellular telephones and portable laptop computers," says Oliver J. Murphy, Lynntech's president. Murphy further says, "the collaborative effort between Lynntech Inc. and ARL was very beneficial and greatly accelerated the development of this fuel cell technology."

The ARMY has recognized Lynntech's Monopolar(TM) technology by awarding Lynntech a second SBIR Quality Award in August of 2001. For additional details regarding this technology, including pictures and Lynntech's patent portfolio, visit our Web site.

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