Chevy Volt Electric Car Talk Sets Sparks Flying at Lordstown

GM could put the Volt into production as soon as 2010, Automotive News reported, based on the 36 months GM generally needs to start producing a new vehicle.

Published: 10-May-2007

LORDSTOWN — Is the General Motors Corp. Lordstown Complex in line to create some sparks with a Volt?

The complex is said to be the leading contender to build GM’s futuristic Chevrolet Volt plug-in hybrid car, according to a report Monday in industry publication Automotive News.

The story said GM wants to build the small car in the United States, according to a source close to the project.


The Maranello4 is manufactured by the EFFIDI Automotive Group, and marketed in the UK by London based Sakura Battery Company.

Hollywood veteran producer Dean Devlin teams up with documentary film maker Chris Paine in highly anticipated look at the fate of the EV-1 electric car

GM, which donated the now missing EV1 to the National Museum of American History, happens to be one of the Smithsonian Institution's biggest contributors, which seems a strange coincidence on the EVe of "Who Killed the Electric Car?".


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