PowerTug Uses Electric Drive to Move Food Trolleys

The PowerTug is a self-contained electric tug unit specifically designed to eliminate the manual handling risks associated with moving rolling loads up to 2 tonnes in weight.

Published: 02-May-2007

HM Prison Winchester has just taken delivery of its second Nu-Star PowerTug for moving around its new Corsair heated food trolley. HMP Winchester first approached Nu-Star in November 2002. This was regarding the daily problems HM Prison Winchester was experiencing when trying to manoeuvre its heated food trolley from the kitchens to the female wing of the prison.

Nu-Star designed and manufactured a bespoke attachment for its PowerTug that enabled it to precisely connect on to the chassis of the Corsair food trolley and enable a single operator to manoeuvre the load with ease.

After the continuing success of the first unit, Nu-Star were asked to supply a second PowerTug.


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