Hybrid Car Puchases on the Rise in Israel

In 2006, 381 hybrid cars were purchased in Israel, up from 130 in 2005, and only 10 in 2004.

Published: 24-Jan-2007

There is a "significant" rise in the number of Israelis buying hybrid cars, according to statistics gathered by the Air Quality department of the Environment Ministry and published Tuesday.

The term hybrid vehicle (HV) refers to a vehicle that uses two distinct power sources such as an on-board rechargeable energy storage system like batteries, in conjunction with petroleum, or other sources of fuel for vehicle propulsion.

The ministry, in conjunction with the Treasury, has cut import duties on hybrid vehicles in order to make them more attractive to the Israeli consumer. The move is in line with measures proposed by the Ministry of Infrastructures, which, as first reported in The Jerusalem Post, has prepared a plan to reduce Israel's oil dependency by 5 percent in the next five years.


Average diesel consumption for these two cars is 3.4 litres per 100 kilometres, with 90 grams of CO2 emitted per kilometre, a 25 percent improvement over comparable gasoline-electric hybrid systems.

The two-mode hybrid technology allows for fuel optimization, especially during highway driving at higher speeds.

Like a Trojan horse, Camry sneaks gas-saving radicalism into a trusted American staple.


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