Montreal Auto Show Features Greener Alternatives

Hybrids, not electrics, will be vehicles of choice as North Americans cut fuel consumption, believes Quebec-based Cleanova.

Published: 24-Jan-2007

The rash of extreme and weird weather around the globe in recent months has prompted a lot more talk about climate change and the effect our reliance on fossil fuels is having on the environment.

Many automakers are working to develop alternatives, with hybrid vehicles becoming more mainstream every year. Hydrogen fuel-cell technology is also being developed and General Motors recently unveiled its Volt electric concept in Detroit, a car that can travel up to 64 kilometres on battery power alone. (Unfortunately for Montrealers, the Volt can't be seen at this year's Montreal International Auto Show.)

All these new technologies can be confusing for consumers, so for the third straight year, the auto show is presenting On Route to a Greener



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