Electric Bike Boom in Holland

If the 60 percent plus in sales also continues during the rest of the year, then 2006 total sales of electric bikes in Holland will run up to about 55,000 units, compared to 34,000 in 2005.

Published: 24-Jan-2007

BUNNIK, The Netherlands – The electric bike market in Holland is booming. At the annual Congress of the Dutch Dealer Association BOVAG that was held yesterday, a GfK market survey indicated that electric bikes sales upped a big 63% in one year to about 32,000 units.

The GfK survey over the first nine months of 2006, also indicated that bike sales in Holland upped 5% in units and 8% in turnover. During the January – September 2006 period a total of 1,077,000 bicycles were sold. By far the biggest part of that unit sale was delivered by the Dutch bike dealers; 828,000 units; up 4% over the 2005 figure.


Think Nordic has been struggling for survival since the Ford Motor Co literally pulled the plug on it in 2002. Photo of prototype A306 Cabriolet model which briefly toured parts of Canada. Photo courtesy of EVCO.CA.

Faraday has a GVW from 3.5t to 7.5t, a restricted top speed of up to 50mph, up to 4t payload and enough battery power to cover up to 120 miles between charges.

Norwich now has a fleet of six Jumbotugs tractors - four PT350s and two JT6E models.


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