Kansas City Light Rail Funding a Marathon

Besides having to deal with right-of-way issues, it will take at least eight to 10 years for Kansas City to secure federal financing for a light-rail line.

Published: 20-Jan-2007

In its first move toward implementing a voter-approved light-rail plan, the Kansas City Council on Thursday heard reports from transportation experts who said the plan faces several legal and legislative hurdles.

Bill Geary, an assistant city attorney, told the council that the light-rail route voters approved in November raised significant legal questions, including how the route could be built through existing park land.

Geary said the city's Parks and Recreation Department has direct responsibility to manage and develop all park land. To build light rail through city parks, the department would have to cede control of park land back to the City Council, he said. If the department doesn't comply, the city would be forced to find an alternative route, Geary said.


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