Food Vs. Fuel: Mexicans Protest High Price of Tortillas

Mexico, considered by many archaeologists as the birthplace of corn, now imports much of the grain from the United States, where prices rocketed 80 per cent to their highest levels in a decade last year because of demand for corn-based ethanol fuel.

Published: 18-Jan-2007

Mexico's president has promised to tackle the soaring price of tortillas, a corn-based foodstuff that is a dietary staple for millions of the country's poor.

Angry housewives shouted at President Felipe Calderon at public appearances this week, pleading for him to bring down tortilla prices that have shot up as much as 400 per cent in recent months.

"We will take all the measures within reach of the federal government to avoid escalating prices," Calderon said. But he added the government did not fix tortilla prices.


February 28,2006 address to National Governor's Ethanol Coalition.


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