Bike or Car? Think Twice in Beijing

Apart from the classic Chinese brands like Forever and Phoenix, electric bicycles and portable folding bicycles are becoming increasingly popular.

Published: 15-Jan-2007

Ah, the bicycle. Is it going the way of, well, the bicycle? The humble bike, once an emblem of China, ubiquitous, iconic, demanded by brides as part of their dowries - along with a sewing machine, a watch and a radio - sadly seems old-fashioned to many urbanites, write Song Mo and Wen Chihua.

Standing atop a stool clamped to a bicycle rack in her long white wedding gown, the giggling bride clasped her bouquet of white roses as the bridegroom pedaled frantically down Huayuan Road in Beijing's Haidian District to the reception restaurant.

"This is the way we like it. I'll never regret this," Fan Xiaoping told The Beijing News.


China's capital has been hit by 10 dry tempests since February. But officials say steps are being taken to "improve the situation" for Games. Photo courtesy of


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