Rising Carbon Emissions Call for Bold Action on Climate Change

Before helping fund such a dramatic energy shift big business wants to see evidence of world leaders’ commitment to tackling climate change, to be sure it is money well spent.

Published: 14-Jan-2007

LONDON -- Bold action on climate change requires a massive shift towards low carbon energy by 2050 and the next decade is critical as emissions and temperatures rise.

People pump the heat-trapping greenhouse gas carbon dioxide into the atmosphere as a by-product of burning fossil fuels such as coal and oil for heat, light and transport.

A now widely accepted link between such carbon emissions and global warming has stirred the search for new sources of energy – especially given the energy-hungry growth of China and India.


A study of Europe's car producers found that the industry managed to cut the CO2 output of new cars by 1 per cent last year - less than a quarter of the rate required to meet its own promise to cut emissions by 25 per cent in a decade. PHOTO: 2006 Ford Galaxy European minivan.

A national Low Carbon Fuel Standard would reduce greenhouse gas emissions and America's dependence on foreign oil without requiring new government spending.


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