U.S. Automakers Unveil Sleek Eco-friendly Cars

Among some of the high-tech designs offered by GM is an electric-powered Chevrolet Volt, with a battery that can be connected to any household outlet and recharged

Published: 14-Jan-2007

The big three U.S. auto manufacturers have their sleek, environmentally-friendly concept cars on display at Detroit's International Auto Show. But analysts say Toyota is set to become the new heavyweight champion of car companies.

DaimlerChrysler AG is now trailing behind both General Motors Corp. and Ford Motor Co., while Toyota is in position to pass them all -- although the company claims not to care.

"GM is number one, Ford is number two and we just moved past Chrysler into number three -- that's the way things may stay for some time to come," said Jim Lentz, executive vice president of Toyota Motor Sales U.S.A.



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