New Saturn VUE Offers 'Greener' Ride

The most notable changes in the Saturn Vue lie not in the exterior, but underneath the hood: the vehicle balances standard engine technology with electric assist to create an affordable and viable hybrid.

Published: 13-Jan-2007

GM has introduced the 2007 Saturn Vue Green Line Hybrid, an affordable fuel-efficient SUV. It is the first in a line of fuel-efficient vehicles to be sold under the “Green Line” banner and heralds a new more affordable hybrid system.



Toyota Motor pushed the hybrid envelope further this week by unveiling two high-profile cars equipped with the alternative powertrain at the annual Detroit auto show, but competitors responded by cranking up the volume to promote rival clean-engine technologies. PHOTO: Toyota Voltra hybrid-electric concept sports car.

This year, it's hybrids galore, large and small including the BMW X-3 Active Hybrid similar to that depicted below.

Tongji University and Shanghai Maple Automobile, a privately run car manufacturer, are working together to design three models of hybrid cars, which are expected to go into small-scale production in 2008. SMA is a subsidiary of China's largest carmaker, Geely.


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