Chevy's High VOLT-age Idea

The Volt's estimated annual fuel savings of about 500 gallons, compared with a similar size 30-mpg vehicle driving 15,000 miles a year, equate to $900, even considering the cost of the electricity.

Published: 12-Jan-2007

When General Motors unwrapped the Chevrolet Volt for the media last weekend on the eve of the North American International Auto Show, it was revealing much more than the latest fantasy from its styling studios.

Beyond its striking coupelike lines, the Volt is also a declaration of GM's intent to mass-produce a new type of hybrid-electric vehicle, one that can drive up to 40 miles on batteries alone and recharge itself with an onboard generator -- or by plugging into a standard 110-volt household outlet.

The Volt is also less than it appears. The batteries to make it roadworthy do not yet exist, a shortcoming GM acknowledges.


Japanese Prime Minister Koizumi test drove the Eliica pictured below and dubbed the eight-wheel electric car developed by a group of researchers at Keio University an energy revolution. The car has a top speed of 370 km/h and a range of 300 kilometers.

Think Nordic has been struggling for survival since the Ford Motor Co literally pulled the plug on it in 2002. Photo of prototype A306 Cabriolet model which briefly toured parts of Canada. Photo courtesy of EVCO.CA.

Faraday has a GVW from 3.5t to 7.5t, a restricted top speed of up to 50mph, up to 4t payload and enough battery power to cover up to 120 miles between charges.


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