Guangdong Authorities Issue Media Blackout on Electric Bicycle Lawsuit

A municipal ban on electric bicycles on Guangzhou roads including suburban areas such as Panyu, Conghua and Zengcheng came into effect on November 3, despite widespread community opposition.

Published: 10-Jan-2007

Guangdong authorities have issued a gag order forbidding local newspapers from reporting on a lawsuit challenging Guangzhou's ban on electric bicycles.

A source said the provincial propaganda department told local newspapers on Monday night not to cover the issue, which has received wide media coverage outside Guangdong.

Some newspapers had to pull their reports at the last minute and local websites, including the Yangcheng Evening News Group's and, were told to delete related stories from their sites. Sources said the wording used by the authorities was not very stern, but local officials in charge of the matter appeared to be "tense".


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