Nissan May Sell Lithium-ion battery to Others

Nissan, in which Renault holds a 44 percent stake, is considering the venture with NEC to obtain technology to mass-produce batt.

Published: 09-Jan-2007

DETROIT (MarketWatch) -- A lithium-ion battery company that Nissan Motor Co. (NSANY) will establish may sell automobile batteries to other auto companies if demanded in an effort to increase production volume and cut costs, a senior vice president at the auto maker said Sunday.

"Basically, we will be open," Minoru Shiohara, a Nissan Senior Vice President in charge of electronics engineering operations, told Dow Jones Newswires in an interview.

Nissan, Japan's No. 2 car auto maker by sales volume, plans to create the battery making company and has said that it's in talks with Japanese electronic-equipment maker NEC Corp. (6701.TO) on a joint-venture for the project. The battery company will develop, produce and sell lithium-ion batteries that will be used in electric vehicles and gasoline-electric hybrid cars as well as fuel-cell vehicles.


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