Hydrogen: A Lot of Hot Air?

Author Darryl McMahon writes that a workable form of this alternative fuel is probably 50 years away. While the technology for vehicles might be ready sooner, development of the infrastructure is lagging.

Published: 09-Jan-2007

Darryl McMahon and Arnold Schwarzenegger are at loggerheads.

Should they meet at a cocktail party and were a discussion to ensue about the use of hydrogen as an alternative energy source - as it surely would, given both men's commitment to reducing society's dependence on fossil fuels - canapes would fly.

Whereas the governor of California is a huge proponent of the hydrogen economy - right down to his 2003 election promise, win or lose, to convert one of his Hummers to hydrogen power - McMahon is on to him and says that the ballyhoo at a 2004 news conference, at which a hydrogen-powered Hummer H2 was unveiled, was mostly poppycock.


Intelligent Energy will also be exhibiting its 10 kW automotive fuel cell system, which it is developing in partnership with PSA Peugeot Citro├źn, as well as a 75 kW PEM fuel cell stack and a compact hydrogen generator capable of multi-fuel cell operation. Photo: EV World correspondent Richard Harding test drives ENV FC motorbike at Donington Grand Prix Circuit Dec. 7, 2005.

The FCX+HES combination can supply power to the grid and pull power from the grid as needs change throughout the day.

Nuvera's automotive fuel cell technology featured in the Fiat Panda Hydrogen was officially presented at the first Hydrogen Olympics in Turin, Italy.


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