Will GM Volt or Ford Airstream Ever Make it into American Garages?

GM, Ford continue to offer concepts without commitments, charges environmental group Rainforest Action Network.

Published: 09-Jan-2007

WASHINGTON - January 8 - Sarah Connolly and Mike Hudema, co-directors of the Freedom from Oil Campaign, today issued the following statement in response to the release of new plug-in serial hybrid concept vehicles by General Motors and Ford Motor Company at the North American International Auto Show:
"This is yet another transparent attempt by Ford and GM to appease increasingly fuel conscious consumers by releasing plug-in serial hybrid concept cars that will likely never find their way into American garages. The GM Volt and Ford Airstream are promising fuel efficient vehicles, the problem is that neither company has offered a production schedule that would actually get its car off the drawing board and onto the road.
"Unfortunately, people can’t drive concepts. We will be delighted to praise both GM and Ford as soon as they offer concrete targets for mass production of these cars and commit to fuel efficiency improvements across their fleets. If these companies were truly committed to improving fuel economy, stopping job loss, and safeguarding the future of the American auto industry, they would stop treating plug-ins as niche vehicles and immediately start shifting their fleet to these and other ultra-fuel-efficient technologies.
"Plug-in hybrid electric is the most viable existing technology to help reduce oil consumption in this country, so we’re pleased to see major automakers beginning to embrace it. But until they actually start putting these vehicles on the roads, promises of future fuel efficiency and green fleets will be as hollow as an empty gas tank.  Remember it wasn’t too long ago that both these companies were crushing their last EV commitment."
Launched in 2003 as the Jumpstart Ford Campaign by Rainforest Action Network, Global Exchange and the Ruckus Society, the renamed Freedom from Oil Campaign is working to end America’s oil dependence, reduce oil related conflicts, and stop global climate change by convincing the entire auto industry to dramatically improve fuel efficiency and eliminate vehicle greenhouse gas emissions. The campaign is pushing the entire auto industry to break its addiction to oil, create more jobs, and meet consumer demand for green cars by producing more fuel efficient vehicles.

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