Toyota Turns Up Heat in Carmakers' Hometown

The company is also likely to unveil new hybrid petrol-electric cars, including early versions of a new hybrid sports car.

Published: 06-Jan-2007

Executives from the world's major car manufacturers will gather in Motor City tomorrow for the start of the annual Detroit Auto Show, an event that might give clues as to whether the big three American car makers can pull out of their spiral of decline.

The ailing trio - General Motors, Ford and DaimlerChrysler - are all based within a few miles of the giant exhibition centre in downtown Detroit, and they are determined not to be upstaged in front of up to 700,000 people by their foreign nemesis, Toyota.

However, it is far from clear that the three will have the exciting new models and technologies needed to convince Wall Street they can stem their losses and reverse their fortunes.


Smaller cars and more hybrids are emerging trends among carmakers, both foreign and domestic, including the introduction this year in North America of the Toyota Yaris, pictured below.

SuperFast Pizza has chosen the Chrysler Sprinter which will be the first to offer plug-in hybrid technology giving the company's rolling pizza vans the ability to be pollution-free and neighborhood friendly.

Reflex features an advanced diesel-electric hybrid propulsion system that harnesses diesel, electric and solar power. This combination of power can deliver maximum fuel economy - up to 65 mpg - without compromising performance.


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