Colorado Studying Feasibility of Front Range Commuter Rail

The proposal could cost up to $9 billion and could be funded in part through a statewide sales tax increase and would see system reach from Casper to Albuquerque.

Published: 06-Jan-2007

Colorado voters could be asked as early as 2008 to approve funding for a proposed high-speed commuter rail system to connect Front Range communities from Wyoming to New Mexico, officials said.

In the meantime, the Rocky Mountain Rail Authority is seeking federal and local funds for a feasibility study of the proposal to develop a commuter-rail system that could reach as far north as Casper, Wyo., and as far south as Albuquerque, N.M., said group director Bob Briggs, a former state lawmaker and member of the Regional Transportation District board.

"It's critical to put this together now," before population growth overtakes the region's highway capacity, he said.


The last Paris tram ground to a halt 60 years ago. Now a new tram line is being introduced with lots of fanfare. France hopes this return to the past will ring in a new era of urban mobility. The tram is quiet, fast and comfortable -- a perfect remedy for traffic jams.

The proposed Transbay Transit Center with its possible 1,200-foot tower, elevated public park the length of five football fields and room for high-speed trains someday linking California's major cities.


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