EPA Approves California ZEV Waiver

Statement by California Air Resources Board Chairman Dr. Robert Sawyer on USEPA's Approval of California's Waiver Request for Zero Emission Vehicles.

Published: 04-Jan-2007

California received an early Christmas present from Washington today in the form of a waiver for our Zero Emission Vehicle regulations. With this waiver, California and the other ten states that have adopted our ZEV regulations can expect emission-free vehicles powered by fuel cells or batteries on their roads starting by 2009.

The waiver also allows California to enforce its requirement for other near zero technologies, such as hybrid electric vehicles or the increasingly popular Partial Zero Emission Vehicles (PZEVs). These gasoline powered vehicles are armed with the world's cleanest tailpipe standard, zero evaporative emission technology and a 15 year, 150,000 mile warranty on emission control equipment. Already, there are hundreds of thousands of these popular, modest priced cars on the roads and this waiver assures us of millions more within the next few years.

This is a real Christmas gift for all of us. All Californians will breathe easier because of this measure and the technology that makes these clean cars possible can now be made available to everyone.

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Japanese Prime Minister Koizumi test drove the Eliica pictured below and dubbed the eight-wheel electric car developed by a group of researchers at Keio University an energy revolution. The car has a top speed of 370 km/h and a range of 300 kilometers.

Think Nordic has been struggling for survival since the Ford Motor Co literally pulled the plug on it in 2002. Photo of prototype A306 Cabriolet model which briefly toured parts of Canada. Photo courtesy of EVCO.CA.

Faraday has a GVW from 3.5t to 7.5t, a restricted top speed of up to 50mph, up to 4t payload and enough battery power to cover up to 120 miles between charges.


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