UK Conservatives Propose High-Speed Electric Trains

A HIGH speed rail network carrying trains travelling at 180mph will be considered by the Tories as they look for ways of relieving the congestion on Britain's roads and cutting greenhouse gases.

Published: 04-Jan-2007

The Conservatives today unveiled plans to commission detailed reports on three different options for improving Britain's railway system.

Among the eye-catching ideas is the construction of new rail links using cutting edge technology, known as magnetic levitation or Maglev, which allows trains to run at speeds of 300mph.

A more likely option is the creation of a high speed network using conventional railways modelled on the TGV trains used in France.


The last Paris tram ground to a halt 60 years ago. Now a new tram line is being introduced with lots of fanfare. France hopes this return to the past will ring in a new era of urban mobility. The tram is quiet, fast and comfortable -- a perfect remedy for traffic jams.

The proposed Transbay Transit Center with its possible 1,200-foot tower, elevated public park the length of five football fields and room for high-speed trains someday linking California's major cities.


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