Bush State of the Union to Focus on Energy, Avoid Koyoto

Almost anything Bush says in the speech is irrelevant the day after he says it, says senior industry lobbyist.

Published: 03-Jan-2007

Energy will be a central theme of President George W. Bush's state of the union speech this month, as it was in last year's address when he briefly caught national attention with the claim that the country was "addicted to oil".

But his critics doubt that he will do much more than call for more spending on alternative fuels, and again fail to embrace international efforts to agree a post-Kyoto regime to tackle greenhouse emissions.

"We've had the hydrogen economy, then alternative fuels, and 'addicted to oil'," said a senior industry lobbyist. "Yet on close Senate votes, such as drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, he has not put his prestige on the line by making personal calls. Energy policy has been the creation of Congress. Almost anything Bush says in the speech is irrelevant the day after he says it."


Greenland ice cap breaking up at twice the rate it was five years ago, says scientist Bush tried to gag. Photo Credit: E Wesker.

CO2 emissions information is already required on all new cars in Europe; a 2005 California law mandates similar information be provided on all cars starting in the 2009 model year.

Two views of southern Florida's topography in a shaded relief map. On the left is a standard view, with the green colors indicating low elevations, rising through yellow and tan, to white at the highest elevations. On the right, elevations below 16 feet above sea level have been colored dark blue, and lighter blue indicates elevations below 33 feet.


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