Cycle Sales in Guernsey Soar for Christmas

Buyers are looking to improve their fitness and save on petrol bills on Channel island of Guernsey by buying bicycles, including electric models.

Published: 29-Dec-2006

Ian Brown's Cycle Shop reported a 30% increase over the festive season, with rivals Adventure Cycles and Cycleworld also reporting an upsurge in trade.

"It's very pleasing," said Mr Brown. "It's been sustained, good business since the summer finished."

He said there could be many reasons for the increase, but suggested a trend towards buying gifts based on outdoor activities and fitness could have been one.


The wheel robots, complete with their own suspension, remove the need for a drive shaft and even the engine block, freeing up designers to make new use of the space in the car.

There are about 30 members in the Florida chapter, and many own several of the vehicles.

Brent's Quadbrid tow-car and electro-dragster is the world's first fully sustainable race outfit. Photo courtesy of Las Vegas Electric Vehicle Association


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