Honda Wants Additional 'Global Car' For Future Vehicle Line-Up

One example of that model could be the next-generation, low-cost hybrid car that Honda has promised for a 2009 launch.

Published: 27-Dec-2006

TOKYO (Reuters) - The head of Honda Motor Co. said on Tuesday he wanted one more global car in the auto maker's line-up to reach the next level of growth, rather than rely on many low-volume models catered to specific regions.

Honda, which could nudge past Nissan Motor Co. as Japan's second-biggest auto maker this year, is known for its lean product line-up, especially compared with domestic rivals Toyota Motor Corp. and Nissan.

The Civic and Accord sedans, the Fit hatchback and the CR-V crossover -- the four models Honda considers "global", or sold in at least three distinct regions -- last year accounted for 60 percent of its total sales combined.


New 5-door hatchback will enter the Canadian subcompact market with class-leading features, fuel efficiency and standard safety equipment.

Honda, like its competitors, has a small fleet of early-generation FCX cars mostly in the hands of fleet customers to test the technology over a long term.

2.4L i-VTEC engine produces 30 mpg highway and ULEV emissions.


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