Esarati and Wells Fargo Reach E-Commerce Accord

Bank to handle both e-commerce and dealer financing for Bellevue, Washington electric motorbike maker.

Published: 20-Nov-2000

Esarati Electric Technologies Corporation, makers of advanced technology electric-powered motorbikes, announced today that Wells Fargo will handle all of its national dealer financing and consumer financing agreements. Wells Fargo will also carry out all e-commerce transactions for Esarati, which is based in Bellevue, Wash.

"As we launch our new line of 2001 electric motorbikes, Wells Fargo will help us serve dealers and consumers across the nation and assist us in developing our e-commerce capabilities," said Brent Nelson, a Director of Esarati Technologies.

"Our goal is to make Esarati and all of our other business and consumer customers financially successful by providing them the financial products and services they need," said Jennifer Francisco, a Wells Fargo assistant vice president in Bellevue.

The Esarati motorbike is a revolutionary electric vehicle. Each competitively priced model surpasses the battery life, speed, range and payload capabilities of competing electric motorbikes and offers an array of energy-saving features, without emitting any environmental pollutants.

The company plans to sell its motorbikes through Esarati dealerships and other retail outlets. The bikes are currently available for purchase through the Internet at

Esarati's new line features three models: the Esarati 200 Firefly, a one-passenger model with a top speed of 33 miles per hour; the Esarati 300, a two-adult passenger model with a top speed of 50 miles per hour; and the Esarati 400 Blackhawk, also a two-adult passenger model, with a top speed of 60 miles per hour.

All Esarati models are equipped with a uniquely designed electric motor that allows the motorbike to run smoothly and silently. Each motorbike offers minimal maintenance because of its specially designed integrated systems -- no gears, and no gearbox, transmission, fuel pump, carburetor, spark plugs, water pump or radiator.

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