Greenpeace Says Global Warming To Hit Pacific Economies

Greenpeace reports global warming could seriously impact Pacific Island economies as early as 2020.

Published: 27-Oct-2000

CANBERRA -(Dow Jones)- If global warming continues as the United Nations and scientists predict, the Pacific will lose most of its coral reefs before the end of the century with a devastating impact on the region's culture and economies, according to a report issued Friday by environment group Greenpeace Australia.

The report says that by as early as 2020 the economies of Pacific Island nations will decline due to the impact of coral bleaching caused by increased sea temperatures.

Increased output of greenhouse gases, such as carbon dioxide, from the burning of fossil fuels are pushing up average global temperatures, it said. Higher sea temperatures lead to an increase in the intensity, frequency and extent of coral bleaching, it said.



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