Formual One's Mosley Pushing for Advanced, Fuel Efficiency Engine Technology

FIA head threatening to engine development freeze to force teams to shift to new, more promising technologies, inspite of opposition from Honda and Toyota

Published: 16-Jul-2006

FIA president Max Mosley is adamant that Formula 1 will adopt a full three-year engine freeze from 2008 if the teams cannot agree on an alternative proposal by Sunday’s 4pm deadline.

The FIA plans to freeze engine designs from 2008-2010 in order to cut costs and prevent vast sums of money being spent on what it sees as futile technological development.

Several of the big car manufacturers, notably Toyota and Honda, oppose the idea of an engine freeze as they say being at the cutting edge of technology is central to their involvement in F1 – although Renault and Ferrari have been supportive of the FIA’s plans.


FIA also considering switching to E85 ethanol and will be introducing 5.75 percent bio-fuel in 2008.


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