Denver Mayor Outlines Ambitious Green Plan for City

The most intriguing components of his plan are four small, new power plants - three solar and one powered by the methane gas that oozes from a city-owned landfill in Arapahoe County.

Published: 15-Jul-2006

Mayor John Hickenlooper's plan to green up Denver starts with a private company building three solar power plants and continues with school kids taking a tree home to plant.

Bottom line: The cost of the ambitious Greenprint Denver plan announced Wednesday will be covered by investor-partners, the city's own budget for routine replacement of equipment, and volunteer labor.

"There are really no significant costs," the mayor said in an interview Thursday.


Give car designers a theme, let their imaginations go crazy and the result is the Los Angeles design challenge.

Key to Detroit's future: Safer, snazzier, smarter, greener cars, including introduction of hybrid-electric version of popular Toyota Camry pictured below.


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