Lester Brown: Ethanol Boom Risks Harming World's Poor

A spokesman for U.S. corn growers said the crop can meet demand in both food and fuel markets because farmers are becoming more efficient and boosting crop yields from each acre they harvest.

Published: 13-Jul-2006

NEW YORK, July 13 (Reuters) - The race to boost ethanol production could one day hurt food supply for many of the world's poor, an environmental expert said on Thursday.

"This is shaping up as competition between the 800 million people in the world that own automobiles and the 2 billion low- income people in the world, many of whom are already spending over half their income on food," Lester Brown, president of Washington D.C.-based environmental research group Earth Policy Institute, told reporters on a teleconference.


Concept car is powered by 400 bhp, twin-turbo, V6 BioPower engine, though it likely will never be mass produced.

Encouraging farmers to grow corn or other grains that can be converted into clean-burning, renewable fuel creates a system that can be readily applied to generating hydrogen, Dr. Burns tells Reuters.


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