Killing the Electric Car: A Moving Violation

WKtEC? Writer/Director Chris Paine talks about how he, a list of celebs and others got choked up over the mysterious death of the environmentally-friendly electric car

Published: 13-Jul-2006

Forget the record-breaking weekend for Dead Man's Chest. This summer's big film story is the wave of eco-conscious documentaries.

First came An Inconvenient Truth, Al Gore's informative lecture on global warming, which recently expanded its run to suburban theatres. And now comes Chris Paine's electrifying doc about the birth (and mysterious death) of the clean car.

Coincidentally, both films premiered at last year's Sundance and have been released within a few weeks of each other.


Hollywood veteran producer Dean Devlin teams up with documentary film maker Chris Paine in highly anticipated look at the fate of the EV-1 electric car

GM, which donated the now missing EV1 to the National Museum of American History, happens to be one of the Smithsonian Institution's biggest contributors, which seems a strange coincidence on the EVe of "Who Killed the Electric Car?".


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