Global Fears Over Energy Plans

People fear energy policies are threatening the environment and global stability, a BBC poll suggests.

Published: 13-Jul-2006

The findings from across 19 countries come in the run-up to the G8 summit in St Petersburg, Russia, which will focus on energy security.

Carried out for the BBC World Service, the poll of nearly 20,000 people indicates concern that some energy suppliers will withhold oil exports.

The study also found wide support for alternative energy strategies.


The forecast consumption of coal, nuclear and renewables have been increased from earlier predictions, while petroleum and natural gas consumption are lower.

The United States accounts for 2,544 MW of total installed capacity and 1,914 MW of operation, and the difference is due to a lack of steam due to over-exploitation of the Geysers field in California.

February 28,2006 address to National Governor's Ethanol Coalition.


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