A Hiatus for Hybrids?

Investment advisor Jack Lifton thinks GM, DaimlerChrysler and BMW's dual-mode hybrid transmission is just the fix -- along with cylinder-deactivation -- they need to get people buying their SUVs again.

Published: 12-Jul-2006

DETROIT (ResourceInvestor.com) -- A regular reader of my periodic articles on Resource Investor wrote me recently to chide me that I always say what not to buy, but I never seem to recommend anything. This is actually not true.

I frequently recommend companies, but it is always for the long term. I think that short-term recommendations are always based on insufficient information and can be analyzed and described as “the trend is your friend” and the more impressive sounding “momentum investing.” Both of these just tell you to bet the same way as everyone else, and you (obviously?) can’t lose.
I admit that I also study trends. However the general trends I look for, and follow, are in:

Mining technology;
Smelting and refining technology, and;
Vehicle components manufacturing technology specifically with regard to its utilization of natural resources.
My specialty is determining how the last numbered topic above influences and (should be) influenced by the first two topic areas.


Playing catch-up a decade late, the world's auto giants now find that they have to lease or buy technology from Toyota.

Spc. Jeffrey Hamme and Staff Sgt. Michelangelo Merksamer of HHC, 1/506th Infantry, point out features of the Hybrid Electric Humvee at the AUSA Annual Meeting earlier this month. The two Soldiers participated in a Military Utility Assessment of the prototype vehicle last month at Fort Campbell, Ky.

Ford's 'Hybrid Patrol,' a 10-city initiative this fall that aims to show hybrid drivers how to drive for best fuel economy. EV World photo of Bill and Lisa Hammond on way to first Ford Patrol event in Detroit during stop-over in Omaha.


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