ZAP Introduces ZAPPY3 Pro at Enforcement Expo

The ZAPPY3 PRO has a more powerful drive system, larger wheels and more battery capacity than past ZAPPY models.

Published: 12-Jul-2006

CLEVELAND, OH -- Advanced technology vehicle pioneer ZAP (NYSE Arca: ZP) announced today that its ZAPPY3™ PRO will be the official scooter of Enforcement Expo 2006, happening July 12 - 13 at the I-X Center in Cleveland, Ohio.

As the official scooter for the Enforcement Expo, staff and crew will be using the scooters to maintain the test-drive area. ZAP says that the goal is to raise awareness within the industrial and security market about the ZAPPY3 PRO, which ZAP says sets a new standard for personal transportation with police departments and security companies around the country.
"ZAP is very well positioned to be recognized as the alternative utility vehicles in this market segment," says the Director of Consumer Products Melissa Brandao. "We have a very strong line of product offerings and the ZAPPY3 PRO is an excellent addition."

Experts are praising the new design of the ZAPPY3 for its three-wheeled stability, ease of operation, and maneuverability. Online technology program gave ZAP's new model 10 out of 10, the first time in the program's history that it has issued a perfect score. See the review online at

The designers at ZAP wanted to create a more powerful version of its popular ZAPPY3 electric scooter that could handle more commercial and industrial applications. The ZAPPY3 PRO has a more powerful drive system, larger wheels and more battery capacity than past ZAPPY models.

ZAP's all-electric XEBRA, a 'City-Car' that runs at 40 MPH at a range of up to 40 miles per charge, will also premier to the security industry at the event. The Company will also showcase its Mid Size ATV, Laptop Batteries, Smith & Wesson Bikes and DX kits, which turn regular bikes into electric power-assist bikes.

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