Electric Bike Owner Wants Trail Access in Canadian Community

Ecycle shop owners contends his electric bikes are factory set to max out at 30 kilometres per hour, two clicks less than the legal limit, making them no faster than your typical 10-, 15- or 21-speed bicycle.

Published: 12-Jul-2006

A Nanaimo businessman who sells electric bikes wants to see his rigs allowed on trails and city parks.

"I want to turn Nanaimo green," said Gordie Ludvigson, owner and manager of Nanhong Trading Co., whose powered rides are both noiseless and eco-friendly.

"You're finding environmentalists, such as myself, that just cry out to stop using fossil fuels and are sick and tired of the whole darned thing, and I am taking a personal crusade to turn Nanaimo green," Ludvigson said.


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