As Petrol Prices Soar in New Zealand, So Do Electric Scooter Sales

The Chinese import electric scooters, which can reach a top speed of 60km/h, and after five to six hours of charging go about 50 to 60km, sell for about $1900NZ.

Published: 12-Jul-2006

And the instructions that came with them made him even less confident – particularly when there was a warning to drivers "not to ride the scooter when holding an umbrella".

But after several test drives the Hamilton garage proprietor is convinced the scooters are yet another solution for the city's transport woes and spiralling petrol prices.

Mr Ward, from To-Wardz Safety in Te Rapa, hopes to convince Hamilton City Council fleet bosses the scooters would be good for staff on stints around the city which are too long for the bicycle fleet.


Garini Group of Brazil has placed their initial order for 2,255 units for shipment to the Evader/Garini assembly plant in Manaus, Brazil.

XEBRA 'City Car' is a unique design suitable for urban, non-freeway driving.

$150,000 Wrightspeed X-1 competed in a race with $170,000 Ferrari and a $400,000 Porsche.


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